Day 13: This is as good as it gets. 

  I have decided from now on only 1/6 of my house will be actually cleaned every day. Everything else will be tidied a bit, anything likely to spawn a new plague or permanently stain will be dealt with. Any random smudges, finger prints, etc. can wait it’s turn. 

I tried for a week to keep everything super clean and it’s not worth it. 

After months of working towards a perfect home it feels odd to sit back and say I’m actually over joyed by the idea of an imperfect one. Or perhaps imperfect is my perfect? My home is okay. I would be happy if someone stopped by. I can find what I’m looking for. I’d be fine with any of my minimal mess to be immortalized in the background of a photo. 

So this is as good as it gets. Basically clean and mostly tidy. I’m happy with that. 

Day 7: Recap of 1-6, and a pile of laundry. 


If I lay here long enough the laundry will either fold itself or get so wrinkly it needs to be rewashed. Sadly it is likely the latter. 

2015 brought sweeping positive changes to my life. At first I tried to force the changes and set up strict guidelines. That didn’t work. Then I thought perhaps I was wrong and nothing was going to change. That was wrong as well. I needed to be patient. 

October: I rediscovered my love of paper planning. Which lead to me making my own stickers. Which resulted in my house sliding further towards disaster. 

November: I listened to The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. It was a fluke. I like to listen to stories while I plan. I’m usually content in my clutter and my disorganization, but something about this book lit a fire under my butt. I did a cupboard while listening to it. Then moved on to my closet, books, then hit a dead stop. 

December: I had to admit my house was worse that I thought. There were papers and boxes of stuff hidden everywhere. So I did a down and dirty sort, and ended up so distracted I put my new jeans in with a load of whites. Blue. It was all blue. Love, Laundry, and Science to the rescue. Sigh. I discovered cleaning can be fun and messes are just opportunities to try new skills.

January 1-6 I finished the KonMari process, and reevaluated my future goals. I decided my previous ennui lay in names. I was dissatisfied with the whole SAHM thing. I’ll post about why I wanted a different title late later. I really do have to fold this laundry before it gets cold, and wrinkly. For now I will say I decided I am a Homemaker at heart. It’s a welcome title change, and came with a perspective shift that not only ended my ennui and fatigue it kick started my life. 

What, if any, changes did you have in 2015? 

We made brownies. 

Diets are about what you eat and how you eat it. 

I had mine plain with breakfast.

My son had his with icing.

We are both very happy right now. 

The only change we made was skipping the white sugar and adding 1/4 c. brown sugar instead to decrease the sweetness. We added the icing to a few individual slices. Half the family doesn’t like icing. Half the family loves icing. This is normal for us. 


DIY: Coffee Stained Denim


I found these great jeans at Ardene. Not only did they fit perfectly, a tiny miracle in and of itself, they were also BOGO for $1. So I bought all the washes they had in my size. 

The original wash on one pair was meh. By that I mean it was okay, but I didn’t love it, and it didn’t really work in my wardrobe. A quick look at the tag assured me they could be coffee stained. Mixed textiles like this can produce unexpected results, but for $1 and used coffee grounds it seemed like a good gamble. 

Process: pants in tub, add cold coffee and grounds, rub coffee into denim, let sit flipping occasionally, rinse, wash, damp dry, finish by air drying. 

The result was the exact grungy, caramel, distressed denim I was looking for. I wore them out last night with a cute top (also Ardene) and a light sweater (Urban Planet). 

I’m hoping they keep making this cut for years to come. 

Beautiful Weeds 


Once again my garden is full of these beautiful weeds. Every fall I let them go to seed and every spring until mid summer they burst forth with these stunning blossoms. 

These weeds provide shade for my lettuce in the summer extending my growing season, and attract all sorts of lovely pollinators. 

NaNoWriMo Camp 2015

My project was going to be a collection of updated fairy tales, but all attempts resulted in something that was both pretentious and unreadable. I may reexamine some of the ideas I had later, but for now I am in a more blogish mood. Is bloggish a word? I adore blogging. There is something wonderful and satisfying having people see what I write within minutes of it leaving my brain.

I’ve received several requests from people on Weilos to add them to my Facebook for more dieting and nutrition inspiration. The only issue is my personal Facebook page is completely dieting and fitness free. So I shifted my focus of my NaNoWriMo to a blog all about dieting, fitness, and maybe some fashion.

Et voila. Another blog is born.

Plastic bag greenhouse


Grow my pretties! Grow! This time of year is without a doubt my second favourite time of year. 

I’ll have to reply some of these poor plants. They need more room. They also have some sort of small flies in their soil. Doesn’t seem to bother the plants too much, but they don’t need to be in my house.