POTD: Garden out of the Recycle Bin

20130310_115056 My husband loves his Coke, and I have found the bottles are the perfect shape for gardening. My garden outside might be deep under snow, but my seedlings are safe and warm inside under their little domes.

I had extra tops so I combined them with these biodegradable pots for a very cheap and easy mini green house. I leave the tops open so any extra moisture can escape.

These tomatoes and garlic chives are already making the air in my house smell moist and clean.


POTD: DIY MINI Green House

20130310_115155 Easy DIY green house.

I used Coke bottles because I found the shape interesting, and because of my husband’s love of Coke and my procrastination I had 12 in my recycle bin.

1. remove labels, wash, rinse, and dry the bottles.
2. Cut the bottle above the narrow part on the bottom, and below the wide part at the top.
3. Fill the base with dirt and plant herb seeds according to package directions.
4. Mist with water until soil is damp, but not soaked.
5. Place top over base
6. Leave in a sunny location.
7. If you want to be fancy you could write the planting date and type of plant on the top, I just left them as a surprise.